ARCHIV/ Ausstellung/ Niet te Geloben Ondersteboven

Niet te Geloven Ondersteboven
17.03.2018 – 09.09.2018

Het Nederlands Stripmuseum

A comic book that can also be read upside down… it’s hard to believe. However, in the early years of the last century, the artist Gustave Verbeek proved his adventures of ‚Mr Muffaroo and jufffer lovekins‘. Verbeek drew his comics so that you could turn them around, then the pictures had a new meaning and the story went further. An almost impossible performance that this Dutch-American artist delivered in the first years of the last century. His work is now exhibitedat the Dutch Comic Museum in Groningen.

In addition, the exhibition shows work by contemporary artists from the Netherlands and abroad who all show in their own way that you can make nice tricks with the construction of a cartoon. Among the works to be manipulated on site are the collective volume Polychromie and Polybius‘ mathematical treasure.